Reviewing the Literary Fiction Passsage

Literary Elements and Techniques

A Review

Click here for the pdf of a review packet containing terms that are necessary to review for the final.

This I Believe and Beyond...

Upload your essay

What a success!  It was a fantastic day, and I wanted to tahnk each of youfor making it so.  Thise if you who read, read from the heart, and spoke beautifully.  Those of you who listened were supportive, attentive, and kind.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Your This I Believe essay needs to be uploaded by 11:59 tonight to turnitin.  Please make sure you include the word count at the bottom.  If you are interested in having your essay included in this year’s ibook, then please email a copy to me (to jgrgas@roslynschools.org, not to *p).

The Drummer Cumulative Vocabulary Quiz is Monday!

Have a great weekend!

Vocabulary quiz

Drummer Vocabulary quiz:Monday, June 1st

Stop the rumors!  The quiz is Monday.  

Here’s the link to the final assignment again.   Here is the link to the David Foster Wallace commencement speech too. 

 It must be turned in by Monday, June 8th.

Thursday is the presentation of the This I Believe essays from periods 1-5 in the auditorium.  It must be uploaded to Turnitin by Friday at 11:59 pm.

Write your first draft

This I Believe is one week away...

May 28th is one week away.  Please write your first draft for tomorrow.  We will be conferencing at that time.

Also, if you are interested in reading your essay outloud (+5 points!), then please be prepared to let me know tomorrow, or via email this weekend.

Here is the Drummer/Weekend Review Project

Brainstorming Your Story

Click below to access the pdf.

Now that we have shared several This I Believes and you have had the chance to explore the ones that you feel resonated with you, you can begin to brainstorm!  Think about the small moments that have occurred on your life and how they have shaped you to become the person you are.  Please PRINT THIS AND DO IT AT HOME.  I will not allow anyone to print tomorrow morning during class and you will receive a zero if it is not printed.

Read but stop at the top of page 204...

Finishing Drummer...

The final chapter contains a dramatic climax.  

Two Chapters for this weekend...

But Don't worry...

“One Long Ago Autumn Birthday” is very short…

Take a lot of notes because both chapters flash back to the past and fill in a lot of holes regarding Tucker and his link to the Willsons.

Here’s a link to that reading list again.  The last reading list was erased, so if you saved it, erase it and look at this one instead...

"Mister Leland"

Cooperative Learning Chart for tomorrow and "The Tempest: Heart of the Savage"

Click here for the copperative learning sheet for tomorow.  Please print or export it into notability by tomorrow.

Below please find the essay “The Tempest: The Heart of the Savage,” which you should use as we proceed.  Why did Dewitt choose to name him Caliban?  Are there ironies present?