WoHum 2015-2016

Reviewing for the Final

Finish Othello for Thursday

Master the vocabulary for Acts I-II by tonight

*p1 your This I Believe to me is you want it to be included in this year's collection!

We will finish performing the scenes tomorrow.

We will be continuing the scene performances tomorrow!

Do not forget to finish your 4 Sunday Review Annotated bibliography assignment by Friday, June 3rd.

Exemplar again.

The rubric again.

Link to some great articles here and ————>——————>there!

Continue working on Acts I-II Vocabulary mastery

Must be mastered by Wednesday

Read and annotate Othello through page 52 by tomorrow.

Don’t forget 4 Sunday reviews will be collcted Thursday, June 2nd!  Here’s a link to a few interesting ones!

Othello Reading...

This I Believe

Vocabulary.com--Acts I-II

Must be mastered by next Thursday

This I Believe Celebration of Student Writing—Next Wednesday, May 25th in the auditorium from periods 1-7.

In the Box/Out of the Box

Blog 2

Master Vocab by tonight and upload your final Catcher argument essay

Furthermore, please remember that your This I Believe essay printed draft must be turned in to me by this Wednesday!  The final draft is due next week!


Beginning to Brainstorm your TIB

Here is the link to the TIB outline again, which needs to lead to your rough draft, will be due Wednesday.  

Don’t forget to continue working on your Catcher argument essay!  It’s due Friday!

Additionally, a new vocabulary list was posted on Vocabulary.com.  It must be mastered by Monday night.