World Humanities

Final weekend to finish your scripts

And Find the Links to the Argument essay and the Text-Based Response Sections of the Final

Click here for a sample Argument Essay prompt.

Click here for the rubric and exemplar.

Click here for the Text-Based Analysis prompt.

Click here for the Text-Based Analysis Rubric.

Finally, please make sure you come to class Monday with one printed out (and stapled) copy of your script, including all the individual reflection letters.  The entire document must be uploaded to Turnitin by Monday at 11:59 pm. 

 Your final Exam is Tuesday at 12:05.

Write your letter for the project

Bring in the draft of your letter tomorrow

Here is the link to the assignment again.  Your letter that reflects upon your learning should be drafted and brought to class tomorrow.

The final project of the Grgafication Process...

The Script

First—upload your This I Believe by 11:59 pm tonight if you haven’t already.  Be sure you checked to see that you included all the necessary elements first!

Then—Check this assignment out.  Decide on your group members.  We will begin Monday.

This I Believe must be uploaded by 11:59 pm on Friday!!!

Please be sure you hav been mindful of all the following BEFORE you upload...

  • Include the word count (That does not include the MLA heading or the title)
  • Be sure you have eliminated all contractions (isn’t= is not)
  • Make sure you have editing for grammar.  Commonly confused words (lose/loose; then/then; etc.), comma errors, errors with apostrophes, subject/verb agreement, fragments, and run-ons, and pronoun antecedent errors will take points away.
  • The vehicle comes first!  Attract the reader’s attention!
  • Include imagery and details that put the reader in the driver’s seat.
  • Include a metaphor or extended metaphor.
  • Do not use passive voice (Being that…)
  • Be sure you open your learning up to the reader—Include a paragraph that opens your lesson up to the reader so they can learn your lesson too.

Finally, if you would like to have your TIB included in the ibook collection that I will use for next year’s students, please email me a pdf version of your essay.

This I Believe--Draft

Now that you have your draft...

Please focus on two things:

  • Word count-Should be listed at the bottom of your text.  It can be no longer than 650 words.  I’m not worried if it’s longer than that—yet.  You need to begin evaluating your writing.  What is most important?  What is secondarily important?  Is the lesson highlighted?  Where is the extra stuff that can be cut or streamlined?
  • Do you have a metaphor?  If you didn’t consider one, is there a way for you to take your vehicle and give it a metaphorical slant?

The celebration is around the corner on Wednesday, May 31st!!!  Final This I Believe essays need to be uploaded by Friday, June 2nd!

Study for the Grammar Exam: Tomorrow!

Comma Rules: laid out

Grammar On!

Grammar Weekend Work

Othello Multiple Choice Quote exam is Friday!

Begin studying now...

Tonight, read up to page 68 where Othello says, “It is too late.”

Your studying should include:

  • Identifying the speaker of the quote
  • Identifying the situation the quote is spoken in
  • Identifying the literary technique that is portrayed in the quote
  • Identifying the significance of the quote to the play as a whole

You should also study the basic plot points that occur in each Act.  That way, if you are unfamiliar with quotation, you will be able to make an educated guess about the answer.  

Here’s a copy of the review sheet I handed out on Tuesday.