World Literature and Analysis

This I Believe--draft

Now that you have completed your first draft...

Please focus on two things:

  • Word count-Should be listed at the bottom of your text.  It can be no longer than 650 words.  I’m not worried if it’s longer than that—yet.  You need to begin evaluating your writing.  What is most important?  What is secondarily important?  Is the lesson highlighted?  Where is the extra stuff that can be cut or streamlined?
  • Do you have a metaphor?  If you didn’t consider one, is there a way for you to take your vehicle and give it a metaphorical slant?

The celebration is around the corner on Wednesday, May 31st!!!  Final This I Believe essays need to be uploaded by Friday, June 2nd!

Study for the Grammar Exam: Tomorrow!

The comma rules--laid out

Grammar on!

Grammar Weekend Work

Othello Multiple Choice Quote exam is Friday!

Begin studying now...

Tonight, read up to page 68 where Othello says, “It is too late.”

Your studying should include:

  • Identifying the speaker of the quote
  • Identifying the situation the quote is spoken in
  • Identifying the literary technique that is portrayed in the quote
  • Identifying the significance of the quote to the play as a whole

You should also study the basic plot points that occur in each Act.  That way, if you are unfamiliar with quotation, you will be able to make an educated guess about the answer.  

Here’s a copy of the review sheet I handed out on Tuesday.

Act III, scene 4 Instagram posts

Create 4 Instagram posts reflecting four characters from Act III, scene 4

Click here for the assignment again.  DON’T USE THAT LINK!  USE THE ONE BELOW.

In case you have trouble opening it, USE THIS LINK. Duplicate the doc so that you can save your own.  Make sure you rename the document under your name.

After more research, I noticed if you go to google and type in “Instagram template google docs” and save the document under your own gmail account, you will be able to edit the document without it sharing with the entire class.  

Or, be creative!  I’m not picky.  As long as your creation includes the same elements as the template, it will be fine.

Remember to email me your favorite one or two posts so I can pull them up on the smartboard and they can be shared with the class.  Remember: This is all part of your participation grade!

Catcher Culmination due tonight at 11:59 pm

Also, Enemy of the People QCOPed books will be collected FRIDAY!

Here is the assignment again!

Please remember that QCOPs are more than just highlights and underlines.  Your book must show evidence of questioning, connecting, observing, and predicting to get a 100%!

Catcher Culmination

Othello Quote analysis