This Weekend and Beyond...

Vocabulary Quiz on Monday

Here’s the combined list of ALL the words…  Study hard!  

After the quiz, we will begin the This I Believe unit.  A lot of the writing will be done in class, but some will have to be done outside of class.  Please keep this in mind since you still owe me a Frankenstein culmination.  That creative piece must be no more than 550 words (word count listed at the bottom) and must be uploaded to Turnitin by Wednesday, May 20th.  

REMINDER FOR MY BELOVED AMNESIACS: My extra help is Monday mornings at 7:30 am!  I do not have extra help after school that day!  Office hours are 5th period on Tuesday.  

I have not met with ANYONE regarding the creative Frankenstein piece.  I will no longer be discussing ideas with anyone unless they have a Harvard outline to support their idea.  Remember that a Harvard outline for a creative piece is not chronological, but instead, addresses ideas like conflict, character, resolution, symbolism, suspense, imagery, foreshadowing, flashback, or setting.