Sorry I am out.  My son has the flu...

Here would have been the sub plans: Please ask the students to work independently to write detailed and specific notes for Monday and Tuesday’s In the Box/Out of the Box.  

Remind them that if they have not done so already, their reference for their primary source (the novel) should be specific and detailed; their reference to the poem “Snake” or another secondary source if they choose to use it, should also be specific, detailed, and illustrate analysis, understanding, and research.

Siddhartha culmination due date was moved to Wednesday, February 15th and must be uploaded by 11:59 pm on that day.  

Additionally: I have asked Mr. Segal to place all of your QCOPed Siddharthas in the Study Center today so you can pick them up and use them for the culmination paper.  Please stop by today to get them and spread the word.

If your book was there (some members of period 9) bu there was no post-it on the front with your grade, then don’t worry.  I will evaluate your QCOPs after you turn your book to me next Thursday.  If you are one of those few students, do not take your post-its out after you have completed your paper!!!