Developing your Theme Statement: Linking it to “This Blessed House"

Here is the link to the rubric we discussed today.

This weekend, you need to revisit your writer’s notebook to further “hash out” your theme statement.   Make sure of each of the following:

  • That you have at least two quotations that support your discussion for each of the three stories.  That means a total of 6 quotations for the entire essay.  Page numbers must be connected to each of the quotations.
  • Be sure that you are comfortable with your discussion and the connections you made.
  • Try to connect all three stories to one another.  How can you portray the commonalities effectively?  How do their differences play a role in your interpretation?  Does it effect the theme?

Additionally, if you recieved a check minus on the annotated bibliographt, you are required to do the assignment over and make the connections necessary.