World Literature (periods 2 and 9)

Upload your This I Believe by 11:59 tonight

Please be sure that the word count is included

The hard copy of your This I Beleive essay should be printed and submitted to me Monday.

Here are some additional helpful materials for the final exam.

Your This I Believe--Due Friday

Everyone must conference by Friday!

I will be here tomorrow, if you would like to conference then.  Stop by the English department.

Your This I Believe must be uploaded by Friday.

Here is the breakdown of the Final Exam, as promised.

Brainstorming in your Reader's/ Writer's notebook

This I Believe Essay Choice and Reflection

Essay Exploration and Reflection

Click here for the student collection we went over in class.

Here is the link to the This I Believe essay site.

Please print the essay, and write a reflective paragraph on the following:

  • Why did you pick this essay?
  • What was it about the essay that affected you most?  Was it the topic?  The lesson?  The imagery used in the vehicle?  
  • What did you notice about the structure and the style of the writing?
  • What do you hope or plan to imitate in your own This I Believe essay? I-II

Must be mastered by Thursday, May 26th.

This I Believe Celebration of Student Writing—Next Wednesday, May 25th in the auditorium from periods 1-7.

The final draft of the TIB is due this Friday!!!

This I Believe Essay Archive IV list

Mastered by Thursday, 4/21

Begin working on the new vocabulary list for Act IV.

Othello Act III vocabulary must be mastered by tomorrow night! III list must be mastered by Tuesday!